A new a monumental community artwork for Scotland

The Beithir, Bella and the Seven winds

The Beithir is a mythological beast, one of the fuath, the family of Scottish water creatures. This sculpture was commissioned by Scottish Canals and is a cousin to the Kelpies at Falkirk, along the canal from Stockingfield.“Bella and the Seven Winds” is an artwork  conceived, sculpted and designed by Nichol Wheatley.

The Making o' a Monster!

Your chance to contribute to Scotland's latest epic art work

The decoration of the main body of Bella will be done as a collaboration between Nichol Wheatley and Make it Glasgow–a wonderful community interest company based in Northwest Glasgow. Make it Glasgow is led by the artists Ruth Impey and Louise Nolan. The body will be covered in “scales” that can be made by anyone.
You’ll learn to design, smash, and shape porcelain tiles into your own Beithir scale. You will also make a bespoke clay “button” as part of the scale making. The “button” will be fired and will become your handmade tile on Scotlands largest community artwork! Guided by expert artists this is your chance to contribute to Bella the Beithir.

The Stuff of Legends

Birth of the Lightning Serpent

The Beithir is intended as a monumental community artwork. Following the completion of the head, the 120m body of the Beithir will be covered in mosaic made by the local communities which have been reconnected by the new bridge at Stockingfield.Other communities across Glasgow and Scotland will also contribute to the making of this work. The Beithir’s name “Bella” is in homage to Nichol’s hero and mentor, Alasdair Gray, whom Nichol worked with for 14 years. The central theme of this artwork is a celebration of what we can do when we work together…


Get Involved

making scales for Bella

Join us in making scales for Bella, Scotland’s largest community mosaic. Led by Nichol Wheatley, Louise Nolan, and Ruth Impey, your hands can bring Bella the Beithir to life. Click below to weave art with community at Make It Glasgow

Support the Beithir

Discover unique pieces capturing the essence of this Artwork. Each sale contributes to community art-making, delivered with UK shipping included. Elevate your collection while supporting community creativity!”

come See us

Head down to Stockingfield Junction which lies four locks, 20 miles 4 furlongs (33.0 kilometres) east of the Union Canal Junction near the Falkirk Wheel and our sister project, the Kelpies and see Bella for yourself.

About Nichol Wheatley

photo: Pearl Kinnear
“I’m a Scottish artist who mainly paints landscapes. I’ve also worked for Oscar winning film designers, made huge mosaics and murals acted as the arts consultant for infrastructure projects. I spent 15 years working with my hero and mentor Alasdair Gray, notably on Òran Mór, the Hillhead mural and his proposed mural for the Scottish Parliament.
The Beithir or “Bella and the Seven Winds” is a wide ranging project that has collaboration at it’s heart. I’ve worked in and around Maryhill for roughly thirty years and I’m honoured to be making this artwork for the three districts of Maryhill, Ruchill, and Gilshochill.
I’m delighted that Scottish Canals have given me this commission.”